Above:  Tollesbury Race 1982




Priscilla on Tony Polden's Basin mooring waiting for 'Slip' to be available at Tollesbury Marina to Ferro Sheath.                     




Many friends give a helping hand to transfer a new mast,                       made by Colin Brookes.



George Clark the Lockeeper sharing a glass of bubbly                                   at Priscilla's maiden voyage.


  Below:  Maiden voyage all successful, now locking back to our mooring. 




            Hyacinth being overtaken by Priscilla ? !! 

     A rare sight - Hyacinth overtaken by Priscilla !!



      Above:  Maldon Regatta Race 1982.


      Above:  Eddie 'Standing By' to take a line from Victory. 








     Above: Fore cabin ahead of the mast.                                                  Below:  Amidships dining area.

             Below:  View looking aft from mast showing galley area.



   Below:  Priscilla at anchor off St. Peters Flats in River Blackwater. 

                                                              (Picture: Mike Lewis)