Pictures of friends, plus other smack's. 

       Above:  Priscilla under repair by sea wall at Heybridge Basin                                        when owned by Colin Brookes.

       Below:  Colin with his impressive Trophy display.


  Above & below:  New sails being fitted to Priscilla when owned by Colin.



                                          Above and below: 

            Colin Brookes with Priscilla in Billingsgate Race 1976. 




 Below: Repair work on "Peace" held up again !.  (October 1979)


                       Above & Below: "Ipswich Rally" 1982                                                 (Priscilla now owned by Eddie Caswell) 

              Above & Below: Scenes from "Ipswich Rally" 1982.    


   Below:  Gracie CK46 in pursuit of Priscilla MN76 - Tollesbury Race 1982



                                        Below:   "Marigold" - Tollesbury Race 1982.



             Olga (lock keeper's wife) with Pam and local lads                                                         at a Priscilla locking. 



              Below:  Priscilla off Osea Island - Tollesbury Race 1982


              Below:  Victory LO111 off St. Peters Flats - Tollesbury Race 1982



    Pictures taken by Eddie Caswell (Owner of "Priscilla" 1980-84)






 Sadly'PRISCILLA' was reported to have been wrecked in Newport on the Isle-Of-Wight due to a mooring problem, But the good news is  that "Priscilla" is  being restored ! by Pioneer Sailing Trust  at HARKER'S Yard in  Brightlingsea, Essex


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